Bolstering Beat 23: 8.1 and Stuff to do

Hayyy folks this is Kelani GT.  With the patch 8.1 just around the corner, many players are wondering how much there will be to do upon release.  Given how much of a lukewarm reception the 8.0 patch has received one would hope that 8.1 is the cure for many things that have dampened the fun for many players.  What’s in store?  Stay tuned for more details later in this update.


Guild News


Arena Squad?  Brad and I decided to put some work in towards getting the 500 Rated Arena wins guild achievement.  At some point we had some Arena folks kicking around because we had 98 wins when the two of us started this adventure.  PvP is something that not many of us have spent much time doing, but it is proving to be a great way to learn more things about a given class.  After running 2’s all day (yes, it was ALL day), the Mistweaver/Havoc duo managed to eek our way up to Combatant (1400).  We picked up Mark on his Arms Warrior to try our hand at 3’s.  It turns out that we may be better at 3’s than 2’s with a substantially better win-loss record in a 3 man group.  With that said, we are now sitting on 136 wins.  If Arenas is something you would like to do, hit me up! Even if it is content you’ve never done it could be a boatload of fun!


Mythic Legion!  Now that the initial grind of rep and AP is slowing down we are taking some time to go back and farm Legion Raids for mounts, achievements and transmog.  These events are happening bi-weekly on Thursdays.  The more the merrier, so sign up and come out to play!


Uldir Update.  We have tried a few different things this tier with regards to current end game content.  We have had main only runs to get Normal on farm; Alt friendly runs to get some gear; 50-50 runs with 1 hour dedicated to Normal and the remainder to Heroic; and finally, we are going to attempt to spend our full raid time in Heroic.  If we find that we are not able to get through enough content in one night, we will add a second evening.  The push for AOTC is starting to get a bit more urgent and we’re asking for all hands on deck to get Heroic G’huun down.


Materials Needed!  Bolstering tries to keep our raiders topped up with feasts and cauldrons during raids because raiding is expensive!  Unfortunately we have run into a bit of a situation…. lack of Expulsom on the Alchemist.  If anyone has green BoEs or any crafted items that they do not need, please send them to Helligdritt.  The Paladin is not running much content these days and needs help getting some stuff to chuck in the scrapper.  If you have any random BfA materials that you have no use for, you can put them in the guild bank for us to craft for scrapping materials!



WoW News


8.1 overload incoming!  The new patch is bringing many changes and pieces that are worth mentioning.  take a peak at a few of these and get prepared for some new things on the horizon.


One of the best healers who put up content on youTube is MadSkillzzTV.  This gentleman is usually talking about the ins and outs of which healers are best in PvE has taken a more broad look at the overall game changes in 8.1.


If you aren’t into that kind of preview, Hazelnuttygames has a 16 things video that has some quick overviews of all things coming to the new patch.


If you aren’t too concerned with the BIG stuff, MrGM has 10 minor changes that could have some impact on your game experience.


A Jam to Explain Why I Can’t be a Caster

Honestly, this part of the Bolstering Beat is always the most time consuming.  Often I’m looking for a song that’s perfect for whatever is going on in game or in the Real World (without being too profanity laced or otherwise controversial).  But in this case, I’m going to explain why I can’t be a Caster class…  As most of you know, I don’t stand still very well.  If Details had a step counter, I would most likely top the charts in every encounter.  Brad would certainly give me a run for my money, but I’D WIN!  That said, it is only fitting to give way to some Van Halen with JUMP!

But that’s not enough, how about some Kriss Kross, Jump!

Think I’m done?  Nope, House of Pain, JUMP AROUND!

Oh, I do love some EDM… have some Kalus!

Major Lazer?  Yes, please!

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m a Jumpman!

Now that you’ve heard all of these tracks, you know what it’s like to be inside of my head in PvE content!


Hope you’ve enjoyed this edition and we’ll see you in a future edition!