Bolstering Beat 24: Happy Winter’s Veil!

It’s the most wonderful time of the yeeeeaaarrrrrrr!  Happy Winter’s Veil Bolstering.  May you open several Savage Gifts that bring you joy while enjoying the Holidays with friends and family.

Bolstering News


Raiding.  Brad reminded me last Friday to ask everyone if they were going to be around on the 23rd and 30th for raids; and I meant to do that; then I forgot on Sunday.  So I’ve posted the question in Discord, please head on over there and let me know what your availability looks like for the next couple of weeks.  Heading into Battle for Draz’alor we will need to revisit our raiding schedule.  Sunday nights have been very challenging to get enough folks (pugs inclusive) to be able to keep our raids moving given that raid design is not really properly tuned around groups smaller than 20.


Arathi Rares and Darkshore Rares.  Since they nerfed PvP rewards, warfront rares are now the most simple way to gear up a new 120.  When a warfront resets, we will be creating a raid group to farm out all of the rares.  Due to the random nature of how this content transitions, these events will be fairly sporadic.  They will go up on the Calendar as soon as possible, but will also be part of the Message of the Day.  If you have not done a warfront rare farm in a raid group before, you are missing out on a super fast experience.  The entire run takes under an hour.  This includes waiting on some respawns.  Join in, get some gear, battle pets, toys and mounts!


Discord Changes.  When we made the switch from TeamSpeak3 to DIscord we knew we weren’t set up perfectly and that eventually something would be identified as an issue that needs to be dealt with.  That day has come, and the issue is 100% on me to fix. Unfortunately if may affect some of you if your Discord name does not match your in-game characters. As we’ve invited PuGs into Discord for raids, dungeons whatever we have continually added people to our channel but never had any of them identified as a guest or a guildie. That said, in 2019 I will be establishing ‘guild ranks’ into Discord so that we do not have a billion members in Discord getting any @here and @everyone notifications. In addition, we are going to have a few channels set up to discuss things related to our progression and or in-guild matters which will not be available to guests.  Before all of this goes live, please update your Discord name to reflect your Bolstering Character or let me know who you are in Discord.  Beyond that, I’ll apologize now in the event you are kicked from the server and have to be re-invited.  It’s nothing more than a little housekeeping.  Thanks for your understanding.


2019 Plans.  We’ve talked about a couple of pieces already, but that’s not all in store for 2019.  There will be a continuation of Mythic Legion raids for transmog, the 2nd Anniversary event is already being designed, and many more social based events upcoming.  Keep an eye on this site and Discord for further details on all things happening in Bolstering!


World of Warcraft News


One of my go-to youTubers, SignsOfKelani has a video about what’s up with those who chain killed the Darkshore World Boss and a few other bugs.


Some of the most entertaining content creators around are the power couple of Taliesin & Evitel Do Games. Taliesin has a great concept of what he thinks the next playable class is going to be on the release of 9.0.  Is this a class you would conceivably main?


If you are finding yourself a bit short on gold this expansion take a look at Dozygames.  There are 5 BfA 2X4 farms that have not been nerfed yet.  Farms usually get adjusted once they get to be super popular, get in on it before it’s too late!


A Tune I Want to Share with Everyone

Most of the time when I do music for the Beat I pick a song (or some hoppy songs) that really encapsulate a moment.  Be it new raid, a meme or sometimes just a song that should get stuck in your head (Holy Nova anyone?).

But given that it is Winter’s Veil and a family filled time of year, I felt it to be appropriate to give you a song from my family as a gift for the holidays 🙂  My Own Wings by my Brother-in-Law, Steven Jesmer is my gift to Bolstering for Winter’s Veil.  It could be conceived as shameless promotion, but I honestly enjoy this song.  If I were paying a dime per time I’ve played this track on CD, Spotify or itunes, I’d own this guy a lot of dollars!  Hope you enjoy this song. If you have a hidden stash of great small artists that you love make sure you share them in my-favorite-jams channel of Discord. You can never find enough under-the-radar musicians!



May this holiday season be filled with friends, family and great times!