Changes for Season 2-

The last minute push for downing Heroic G’huun has been a time for us to reflect on how raid things went in Uldir.  Some of it was really good and some of it left a bit of room for improvement.  Considering that we had decided pre-launch that Heroic raids were something that we weren’t going to focus on we’ve done pretty well!  In addition to raid items, I’ve included a bunch of other aspects of the game to touch on with the hopes of giving everyone some insight into what’s going on beyond just large group content!




On Tuesday (22nd) Battle of Draz’alar (or is it Battle for Draz’alar, seems to be both in-game) opens.  Obviously we’ll be jumping right into it as soon as our first raid night which will be CHANGING from Sundays to Wednesdays.  That’s right, raid night is moving to Wednesday at 7:30pm server (Eastern).  We will be going into the Battle on January 23 (yeah, that’s in 3 days, sorry for the short notice). The change from late week to early week should facilitate an easier time finding more people in Group Finder if we need to add a few more friends.  Hopefully this doesn’t mess things up too much for our group, as Wednesday was one of the more popular choices for raid night when last we polled the subject.


G’huun taught me something.  Yup, the giant worm taught me an important lesson about fight knowledge.  If there’s a task that needs to be assigned to anyone, everyone needs to know how to do it (think pods on Council in Antorus and Orbs on G’huun in Uldir)!  Doing Normal raids, you can cheese the fights and get away with not doing mechanics as intended.  Once you start to ratchet up the difficulty the option to not be prepared for jumping into a mechanic is not really available.  In Season 2, if there is a fight with a mechanic that requires part of the group to do it, everyone will be getting exposed to it at some point in the tier! 


Actually G’huun taught me 3 things:  more mechanic experience for all (above);  Get into Heroic earlier if you plan on getting AOTC; and not having a Raid Lead is a gong show!  Once N Battle has been cleared, we will discuss how we want to proceed with Heroic.  This may require an additional night or it might overtake our Wednesday night raid… you will be part of the decision when the time comes.  With regards to Raid lead, if anyone has interest in calling fights, setting up raids, or anything of the sort reach out to me.  We aren’t looking to change our happy-go-lucky raid style, but a better coordinated effort would certainly be welcome!


Honestly, the thing that impressed me the most in Uldir was the first night fight knowledge.  Most of our raiders came into our first raid night fully prepared with a solid understanding of mechanics!  Hopefully we can maintain that level of preparation and smoothly roll through BoA.


It seems like every tier we run into a situation where we have ample tanks and/or healers, then we have no tanks and/or healers.  These spots are critical, with consistent attendance being as important as class knowledge.  If there are interested parties for tanking or healing in raids, please let me know.  As of right now, we are recruiting tanks and off-role healers.  Beyond core spots, we do need additional healers for Alt-raiding.  This tier Bolstering will try to have more Alt specific runs.


Final thought on Raiding:  Many folks have been asking about neck level requirements.  As far as I can tell, you will want to have access to the first and second rings which means that you will want to have 34 levels on your neck to be able to unlock them immediately on Heroic level.




Some weeks we run a lot of 5 man content, some weeks we run none.  In Legion we were able to finish our 7 Regular and 3 Mythic dungeons for guild objectives almost every week (thanks to Gary for pushing that intiative). One of the more interesting changes to this tier’s dungeons is the increases in difficulty and reward.   Regular Mythic will reward 370 loot, and be 30% more difficult which means that there will be some merit in running Regular Mythic early in the tier as an easy alt catch-up or for filling in gaps on geared toons.  Get out and get your dungeon on!



Over the past month, several of us have been trying to get together on Monday nights to push keys.  Last minute keys are fun and all, but there’s a whole week where we can be running keys as a group.  If you want to get some groups going for keys within the guild, I’d advise you pick up the Astral Keys add-on and start asking around for any available parties to join you in an adventure!  I will be more active on this front in Season 2 than I was in Season 1, promise!



Did you know that some of us actually DO arenas and battlegrounds from time to time?  It’s a bit of a mess, and we’re not all that great but it’s 100% true.  Last season some of us experienced the highs of winning rated arenas and the lows of getting decimated by the big boys!  If you want to push ratings or do some more casual skirmishes and bg’s ask around.  There may be some interest in unexpected places.  Even though we aren’t a PvP focused guild, I would love to see us collect a few achievement points from that part of the game.  If you are a healer, there’s most likely a whole bunch of DPS who’d love to arena with ya!



Something that many of us do is collect.  In Season 2 we will continue to do Mythic Legion to try and get ALL THE THINGS (great addon btw, 10/10 recommend for completionists) from the Broken Shore.  But beyond that, I would like to see more people grouping up to work on things like Hivemind, or just running older content together to maximize the collecting abilities like we did in HFC a couple weeks back.  One of my many goals for Season 2 is to reach 50% of all the items for Paladins and Hunters.   It’s aggressive, but it is a lot of fun to run around and collect toys, pets, mounts and appearances!  Look for ATT events on the in-game calendar.


In closing, there are many things that I’ve discussed in this peice.  If you want to chat about anything in this article or anything else Guild related, hit me up!  I’d love to hear about any of your ideas on how we can be an even more fun guild that does stuff and things!


P.S.  The anniversary of Bolstering is coming.  This year’s event will be starting on February 1st.  Keep your eyes on this website for the announcement of what we’re going to be doing this year!  Last year’s BINGO card was pretty adventurous.



Even though it’s not a Bolstering Beat, have a song to listen to cuz MUZIK! ❤