Bolstering Beat 25: The Worm That Got Away

Hiya Bolstering.  It’s the opening day for the new raid and that brings new fights, new lewt and a few adjustments to guild things.  What a better time than now to bring a next episode of BB.  Hope ya enjoy the stuff that I’ve put together here.   Let’s dig in!


Guild News


Wormy Boi- After taking it easy this tier and running alts through Normal Uldir on most nights, we cracked into Heroic around 6 weeks ago.  The goal was ‘to go as far as we could’ and be content with the result.  We battled hard, and added 2 extra raid nights this week, but just fell short of downing G’huun.  I would like to thank each and every member of our guild who put their own things on hold to come along and take a ton of pulls into getting soooo close to the kill! Jaina will not live! Or like, probably she will live, but we will kill her as much as they let us.


New Friends-  It’s also important that we recognize the great new friends we’ve spent time with in Discord staring at the worm. We’ve discussed things that have gone well,  things that can get better, and the occasional dad joke to bust up the seriousness (thanks Dave for always having a cracker ready).  Whether you were a vocal presence with great knowledge or someone striving to get that AOTC, we all appreciate you did to make our time in that one room fun over the past week!  I’d love to give some shout outs here, but there are so many friends that the post would become an Oscar speech.  Thanks honorary guildies, hope to see you all real soon


Anniversary Event-  One more hype bit for the February event.  It’s going to be slightly different from last year but will still be wide spread across all facets of the game.  For those who were not around last year, we did a BINGO card that had some real gem activities like ‘Fight Brad’, ‘tell a Dad Joke in Discord’, ‘run a Mythic + dungeon with an Officer’, etc.  I don’t want to spoil the surprise of what we’re doing or the prizes, but I’m excited to share it really, really soon!


Battle Prep-  In theory folks would already have taken a look at the fights for the next raid.  In case you’ve been so engrossed in G’huun, or busy with other things here’s a guide for ya to check out!  Time permitting I’ll get a few more to you all today.  We go in WEDNESDAY night!


WoW News


We need more BellularGaming in our lives, he has 2 channels going right now and is pumping out all kinds of gaming related videos.  How he has time to develop his own project, I’ll never know.  Here’s a few ideas he has for the future!


I watch SoulSoBreezy fairly religiously.  Or more accurately, I listen to his stuff in my car (not watch, but listen).  He does a weekly wrap-up that usually covers most of what you need to know in the World.


In case you missed it, here’s the 8.1 second survival guide.  SO MUCH LOUD TALKING AND ENTHUSIASM!!!!!!!!!!!


Music to crank out some AP

The AP catch-up mechanic is back putting us back in grind mode for Azerite.  How about a little Pantera to get you amped up to run around islands and the Isles in pursuit of MOAR POWAH?  Walk is this edition’s Jam you need to be listening to.   Don’t forget to be posting your favorite songs in the my-favorite-jams channel in Discord!

Get ready for some new bosses and keep having fun everyone!