Battle of Dazar’Alor Guides

And so begins another tier.  The Battle of Dazar’Alor  is open and Bolstering has taken our first look at what this raid has on offer.  As far as we’ve seen, it looks pretty fun.  Now the fun part begins: proper preparation!  Each encounter for this instance will be outlined with a video that has a great delivery of each fight along with some additional materials to help you better understand this instance. We will primarily use SignsOfKelani as his videos are something that we find most useful.  Give him a subscription, his work needs more appreciation!


Cover-all Materials

The Minimalist guide is a great tool for refreshing on mechanics or trying to do a brief overview of each boss.  Plus it has a few pictures, and pictures are pretty nifty!

Icy-veins has class and spec specific guides for everyone to see what unique things they bring to the table.  Definitely worth a glance to understand how to best use your utility!

One of the World’s top guilds, Limit has their guide available to the masses.  Something to check out if you want to see how the top players prepare for a new tier.


Champion of the Light

Maybe our first kill of this boss was a touch messy.  Maybe it had a lot to do with the fact that we didn’t give ourselves enough time to prepare for this tier. Maybe it was just that the other tank was not in Discord.  BUT, it died!



Monkey Kong is a patchwork fight with a few mechanics to force you to switch targets briefly before going right back to smacking the simian.


Jadefire Masters

A Monk and a Mage walk into a bar, er Pyramid.  This is a 2 boss encounter where the Monk likes to run away from you from time to time.  The Mage shields itself and then casts the massive Pyroblast that would decimate those in the way.  A million Ring of Peace maze, and some Dragon forms just to make this one heck of an interesting encounter!


Opulence the Treasure Guardian

There are 2 ways to do this encounter.  You can split the raid into 2 groups and kill the golems on your way to the boss room, or you can zerg the middle and deal with a super buffed boss.  We prefer the idea of splitting into 2 groups although one day we will probably try to just beat our way through the over-powered middle route… probably after 9.0 🙂


Conclave of the Chosen

Like Loas?  That may change by the time you have downed this encounter as we face off against 4 Loas (Gonk, Paku, Kimbul, Akunda) in the second Alliance fight.  Oh and on Heroic, there’s KRAGWA!  Most simple kill order is Gonk>Paku>Akunda>Kimbul.


King Rastakan

In the last Alliance based encounter, we get to square off against the King.  He who made a pact with Bwonsamdi will be the next hurdle in the pursuit of Jaina.  Do you like dodging orbs?  Running against the wind?  Doesn’t matter, it’s something that needs to be done on this fight!


High Tinker Mekkatorque

This is by all accounts an incredibly fun encounter, but also one that will take the mostcoordination.  Discord, a working Mic, and a few Weak Auras might be the difference between easy kills and agonizing defeats.  Here is an aura for displaying your name while you are in a robot.


Stormwall Blockades

For Blockades and Jaina, both Hazelnutty games and Fatboss will bring these fights to us.  We get our sea legs here dodging lightning bolts, killing adds, and then finally getting to fight the Boss from the safety of a pier.



Jaina Proudmore

The final boss of BoD.  There are many things to see and understand here.  Mechanic heavy, but looks super fun.