Bolstering Beat 26: Bad Jokes, BoDA and more!

‘Two guys walk into a bar… the third one ducks’


A mighty fine day to everyone!  February is a super busy month for Bolstering.  The Anniversary Event is rolling along, Darkmoon Faire, Lunar Festival, Love is in the Air, and progression through Battle of Dazar’Alor continues


Guild News

Friends New and Old: This month has seen a lot of new faces join us as a result of our fantastic dad jokes and general amazing raid atmosphere.  Most of y’all have spent some time with Psyylockke, Jennabelle, Kables, Kharraa, Sneakypyro, Elliedor, Raliana, and Boogyman (Tergrha. If you have not, you should because they are all great folks who want to do things!  Equally as important to us is the the return of 2 MIA guildies.  Kyle has returned from a short hiatus and brought the Shadow Priest over from another server, welcome back fella!  AND, one of our original members, Astrid has come back after a very extended break!  We’ve missed ya Astrid! ❤


Raiding:  Battle is in week 3 and we’ve been steadily getting there.  Week one was 4 bosses and week two was 3 more.  After one raid night we cleared up to Meccatorque which means that Monday we will be taking our first crack at Stormwall Blockade. I’ve left a question about Heroic in Discord, give me your thoughts on the matter please.  As with almost everything in Bolstering, decisions are made based on feedback.


Anniversary Event:  The event continues!  Bombeon is in the lead with 260 of 590 points completed!  From what I can see, the majority of folks need to get Islands, Legion Metas, Guild Achieves, and Arenas done.  None of those are going to be scheduled, but the Officers and GMs will make themselves available if you ask!  Last Saturday I was chain running Islands, it’s pretty fun!


MOUNT GIVEAWAY:  Yesterday we had a mount to give away. It’s still in the guild Bank, BUT the winner is going to be announced right now.  Using a highly scientific ‘Brad gimme a big number’ and a mathematical formula I don’t understand, The Winner of the Steelbound Harness is SNEAKYPYRO!  Congrats fella, you win the first mount given away in this event. We will be giving more away as the month goes on, stay involved and possibly get yourself a new mount!


WoW News


Soul so Breezy has a speculation (not a spoiler) on what the future of WoW could have in order. It’s something different and worth a listen.


You all of those short 3 minute videos Brad links in Discord? That’s Calooseeus, and he does more than just quick guides.  Here’s a sneak peak at the Zandalari Trolls… Spoiler-ish? I guess.

If you really like theorycrafting on all kinda lore things, someone like Pyromancer is someone you should definitely watch!

And finally, here’s Method Josh talking about how Method killed Mythic Jaina.

Music to Represent Where You Come From

Everyone has at least one local artist that they enjoy immensely that is not overly well known… Unless you’re a hipster, then you loved every big band before they were famous >.>  An Albertan musician who I certainly have seen live and thoroughly enjoyed would be Michael Bernard Fitzgerald.  Most likely this gentleman will not make it huge, but his music is engaging and somewhat catchy.  Let me see you’re small time favorites in Discord… I’m always looking for some new music to enjoy!  Here’s One Love by MBF.