Bolstering Beat 27: 8.2 PTR and more

Heya Bolstering!  Been a while since we’ve posted anything to the site and given that there has been some much anticipated gameplay hitting the PTR it would be a great time to put some stuff together.


Guild News


The Lull:  It’s been slow around Bolstering lately.  Given the combination of minimal fresh content and the weather change, this is something that is pretty common all over WoW.  If there are things that people are interested in doing by all means create an event for it and let someone know so that they can highlight it in a Message of the Day.


PuG Lyfe: With many taking a break before Crucible we have had to rely on group finder to fill our ranks.  Some weeks we get some awesome folks who just want to have fun and others we get the super toxic elitists who drive us crazy.  To any of our wonderful and happy to help PuGs, thanks for hanging out!  Join us again and have a few laughs 🙂  To those who prefer to talk negatively and be jerks… junk off please, don’t need ya, don’t wantcha around stinking up our fun :).


Crucible of Storms: This week sees the opening of Crucible of Storms.  We will give the new raid a week one look and make a group decision about how we wish to tackle the 2 raids.


Mythic Plus:  Some folks have been pushing keys because they enjoy the content while others are avoiding it because they don’t enjoy it at all.  I’m a big proponent of play the game you want to play, but in all truth you should absolutely endure 1 or 2 keys per week just to have a chance at an upgrade with your weekly chest.  That doesn’t mean you need to clear a +10 every week, but much like winning the lottery, you have to play to win… it’s 30 minutes of your week, get at it friends!


Theme Songs: At work my boss mentioned WrestleMania (one of our mutual former co-workers went, cuz he obsessed with wrasslin’) and it got me thinking about entrance music and stuff.  My question is: If your character had a song that would play whenever you entered a room what would it be?  Post it in my-favorite-jams, and I’ll give one of the folks who give a song and an explanation one of the mounts from the guild bank!  Oh and to any of you Boomkins, the Duck Song is taken…. Got any Grapes?



World of Warcraft News

The Official ‘Rise of Azshara Content Preview’ was streamed on Thursday by Blizzard.  If you haven’t checked it out yet here it is!  What are you most excited to see?


Guilds emerge and Guilds dissappear all the time, but recently the Mythic Realm First chase on Dalaran experienced a shakeup with Proudmoore’s Privates falling apart on Mythic Jaina.  Over the lifespan of the guild (including G’huun Platoon, Rhythm, etc.) they were a juggernaut with many of the best Horde players who pushed for realm first on each tier as well as being one of the most active sellers of AOTC and Mythic Plus achievements.  This will change the landscape of Horde raiding on Dalaran.  We wish all of their members much success where ever they go!


The XP potion ban poster child, Preach Gaming discusses why his 31 day ban was small potatoes as far as consequences go.  He discusses the bigger picture of what being banned for breaking the rules.  It’s a very interesting tale of why you don’t skirt the boundaries of what’s permitted in game when you are a well known streamer.


No one has ever said class balance was perfect, but this is a little bit ridiculous… Reigning BlizzCon champion Method CDew showcases just how hard it is to win at arenas with the right azerite pieces.


If you want to see how one of the best 5 man compositions push really high keys, Zmokamok gives you a peak into how it’s done.  Zmok’s name is all over the leaderboards.  His videos have tons of useful tips and there’s even a how to Resto Druid that has a plethora of information!


A Track to Grind to

As always in MMOs, there’s some kind of grind to keep you reaching for the carrot.  In that spirit, we’re going to check out Three Days Grace- The Mountain.  Why this track?  I dunno, it’s a Canadian Band, uh it was featured in NBA 2K19, er I’m feeling slightly nostalgic, and I spent 2 hours listening to all kinds of music before deciding that the lyrics kinda fit.  Hope you enjoy it!