Big Changes in 8.2: Guild Edition

Clickbait titles are the best!  I know, I know, /eyeroll /facepalm… but there’s a massive change to the guild structure incoming and you all need to hear about it!


Our guild ranks were set up around the idea that Raiding was the big thing for Bolstering.  This was at a time where we had tier sets and most of our core was all about getting great tier pieces while working towards AOTC.  When Blizzard announced that Tier Sets were being removed, we wondered what impact that would have on Raids in Battle for Azeroth.  It turns out that the removal of Tier really took a lot of the luster off of our interest in the Raids.  Beyond just the loot aspect, the raids themselves have been tailored to the Mythic raid size of 20.  Yes, you can still flex raid in Normal and Heroic, but the mechanics and throughput requirements have not been tuned properly for flex raiding making things less enjoyable for smaller groups such as ours.  We will continue to raid Normal just to see the raid and likely step into Heroic a bit for some gear, but we will not be putting 100s of hours into trying to get to and down the last boss of Heroic.


This has led us to think about what Bolstering does, and how can our ranks better reflect our Guild.  Simply put, our Guild is named Bolstering which is a Mythic Plus affix.  We do a lot of Mythic Plus.  We will continue to do Mythic Plus.  Let’s be a Mythic Plus focused group first, with our side interests being transmog farming, mount farming, alts, achievements, raiding, and even some PvP.


With that said, here is what our new structure is going to look like:


Tyrannical (Currently GM tier)- Oh c’mon, you saw this coming. We’re going to be Tyrannical.  Hopefully y’all see the irony in this… we’re far from it, mostly!

Tyrannical Alts (NEW)- All the GM Alts!  That is going to be a lot of toons with Brad, Wendy and GT having so many characters.  Most of them are completely irrelevant, but we like the names of them!



Fortified (currently Officer/Sr. Member)- Something we miss a lot is having a billion Officers (in the previous Guild we had 14 IIRC).  Instead of having Officer rank, our most veteran folks will assume the Fortified Rank and have access to officer chat (/officer or /o).  They will have some other sweet perks, but I don’t want to spoil all the surprises.  Friendly reminder…

Fortified Alts (NEW)- The Alts for the veterans.



Teeming (currently Member)- This is the rank for guildies establishing themselves within our community.  Same repairs/guild bank access as before, just a fresh name!



Reaping (NEW)- It’s been noticed that we haven’t been as active with removing characters this expansion.  Given that many folks have walked away from WoW for the time being we decided to put some toons into the ether and create a rank for them.  If you have not logged on for over a month, you are likely to be placed in reaping. When you come back, just whisper someone and you can have your appropriate rank back.  The Reapers will have no accesses, which means those toons will likely want to have their previous rank back.



Skittish (currently New Member)-  They aren’t sure about us and we don’t know who they are. Seems like Skittish is a great way to describe these new folks.



And there it is, the big change for 8.2!  Oh and there’s a couple new zones or something, and a Raid, new Arenas, new Mythic Plus Affix…. yeah that stuff too!