Bolstering Beat 28: Long Time Coming

Hey Bolstering!  It’s been a minute since we have delivered new content on the website. Some things have happened, and likely we need to chat about a few items!


Guild News

Recruiting-  With Classic eroding player bases in guilds across retail, many find themselves looking for new players.  We are no exception!  This week I’ve decided to up my recruiting efforts and have managed to find 85 new characters for Bolstering!  If you’re one of those folks, welcome!  If you’re one of our veterans, make sure you take a few minutes to say hi.  There are some great new folks who I’m excited to get to play with!


Raiding-  Big shout out to Gary and Astrid for taking the reigns of Heroic raids! Thanks to Tay for dropping cauldrons and to Wendy for keeping us chomping on the big battery every week. As far as progress goes, we’re pretty consistently getting through the Council on Heroic which is great for a 2 hour a week raiding group!  Going to be doing some Normal Eternal Palace on Mondays for the next few weeks in the hopes that some of our newer 120s will be ready for raiding.


Website- This site is a monster!  You’d be surprised how much there is to keep up on with this beast.  I’m going to put some time into getting the information updated.  If you happen to see areas that are super duper outdated, please let me know!  Also, if you have content you’d like to see on here I’d love to hear it. I sometimes want to put something together, but have no ideas about what!


Classic- Hope all of you nostalgic people are having a great time. I’m still level 5, and probably always will be level 5.


WoW News


Here’s some official information from Ion himself about what’s up with both Classic and Retail. Are you going to jump into the PTR and check it out?  Keep an eye on Wowhead for all the latest datamined information!


BlizzCon is November 1st and 2nd.  The expectations are high for this year’s convention given that the highlight last year was the ‘You guys all have phones, right?’.  SoulSoBreezy has a bunch of the most common WoW predictions. Whachu think the announcements are going to be for WoW and all the other Blizz Games?


This is a bit long, but it’s INSANE!!!!  Zmokamok has been doing keys with no healer.  You’re probably thinking you could do the same… welllllllll there’s a catch.  He’s doing +19s and timing them!  If you enjoy keys, you gotta check this out!


If you’re wondering how HUGE Classic is, it’s massive. SignsofKelani has a few ideas on how popular it is, and what he believes to be the reason


A track to re-live the beginning of WoW


In case you needed a flashback to what was up in the world in November of 2004 on the launch of WoW, I gotchu!  Million Dollar Baby was topping the box office; people were awaiting the next episodes of Veronica Mars and In Good Company; and Usher’s My Boo was being pumped in the clubs… Unfortunately for Usher, I don’t really think that was the best track on the charts in the moment. I stand behind this one as one of the most likely songs to get stuck on your head from this time… Drop It Like It’s Hot by the one and only Snoop Dogg with Pharrell!  If that isn’t up your alley, Maroon 5’s This Love might be a better choice… Or possibly The First Cut is the deepest by Sheryl Crow… Or Nickleb… NO, NEVER THOSE GUYS!


I apologize to any who may enjoy the music of Chad Kroeger… all 3 of you… I’m sorry.