If you are looking for a specific guide to something that we have produced for everyone’s benefit, look no further than this page!

Azshara’s Eternal Palace: coming soon!

Battle of Dazar’alor:   The Horde has been caught unaware of the push-back from the Alliance.  Prepare to take on Jaina Proudmoore in this 8.1 raid.

Uldir sucks – let’s not talk about Uldir anymore

Antorus, the Burning Throne: The ultimate battle for Argus is held in Antorus.  Everything you need to be prepared for the final major raid of Legion is within this document!

Tomb of Sargeras : Raid Guid for the basics of how we handle each fight using various sources.  This is a great way for new players to see the basics of each encounter prior to entering the Tomb.


How To Series

Below is a link for each Class’s “How To” guide. These guides are meant to give a player unfamiliar with the class a basic understanding of what makes the class unique.

(yes, we’re working on updating these guides for the new changes implemented in BfA)

Death KnightDemon Hunter


Raiding 101 is also in production.  This guide will house a wide number of topics, including how to improve at your role (Tank, DPS, Heals), using Warcraft Logs, and Simcraft.


If there are invaluable resources that you have found, please reach out to a GM.  We want to make sure that we equip ourselves with the best information available!