Guild Membership

Basic Guild Rules

Bolstering believes that being good to each other is the key to our growth and our success.

As such, the rules are simple: no politics, no religion, no stealing / grubbing for personal gain.

We also ask that each member choose to engage in the social nature of who we are.  We recognize that behind each toon, behind each keyboard, is a person.  We want to get to know each person in our guild so we use real names.  The promotion from ‘new member’ to ‘member’ happens when you choose to participate at this level.  If you prefer, you can request we use your toon name; we just want to get to know you.  The last step to fully immersing yourself in Bolstering is to install Identity-2 from Curse.  There are a couple steps in game and we’ll help you with those.  ID-2 is what we use to display our names in guild chat.

Guild chat is an important part of any guild environment.  We just ask our members to be thoughtful of others in their guild chat interactions.  Other than our ‘guild guidelines’, we don’t have any concrete restrictions to our guild chat.   ‘Off-color’ conversation is always good for a laugh in small doses but conversations that offer excessive explicit / implicit / innuendo / cursing / content can get out of hand and become offensive.  We ask that our guildies be aware of how their gchat conversations might impact the enjoyment of all players in our guild.  If things are escalating or getting offensive, someone will let you know. Please don’t think it’s a reprimand, it’s about keeping a positive and engaging guild environment.  Feel free to use Discord voice as a place to engage in more ‘adult’ conversations: keep gchat friendly, welcoming, supportive, and respectful.

It’s important that all our members are active members.  This means that we have expectations for regular log in (yes, even your alts).  Inactive toons will be regularly removed from the guild.  ‘New Member’ toons will be removed after 5 days of inactivity.  ‘Member’ toons will be removed after 30 days of inactivity.  If you’re going to be away for an extended period of time, make sure to get in touch with your guild leadership. It’s easy to avoid a gkick.  If you find you’ve been removed from the guild, it’s nothing personal and we’ll welcome you back with open arms if you ask.

Our members enjoy doing things together; from doing older content for guild achievement points, pushing mythic keys, to keeping our eyes on the newest AoTC achievement, we like to be busy, engaged and working for both personal and guild growth.  We have members of all play styles, with interests in areas widespread throughout WoW.  You’ll find people of all ages from many backgrounds hanging out in guild on a regular basis.

Basic Guild Ranking / Organization

  • New Member: Accepting the invite won’t get you all the privileges of membership but you’re here.
  • Member:  Welcome to Bolstering!  You’ve given your name / what you want us to call you.
  • Raider: Folks who make the minimum requirements for current raid content and are consistent participants in Open Guild Raids
  • Prog Raider: (Progression Raider)  Raiders who have shown consistency and performance in Open Guild Raids.  For more details about this rank, speak to Brad/GT/Wendy
  • Senior Member: Members who have been with us for a long time and are stellar examples of what we believe Bolstering is about.  These folks are amazing humans and very willing to help you out if they are able.
  • Officer Alts: Every Alt (and there are a LOT of them) of the GM, CoGMs, and Officers sit in this rank
  • Officer: Those folks who have agreed to help run the day-to-day operations of running a guild as well as hosting social events
  • CoGM: (literally) Brad and Wendy
  • GM: one holds the title but there are three that share the role (GT, Brad, Wendy)

If Bolstering sounds like a guild that you would like to join or would like to contact a GM, please use the form below and we’ll be in touch.