Raid Information

Bolstering raids!  Being a social guild that raids, we aren’t attempting to set the world on fire with regards to clearing raids. However, we do enjoy getting the crew together to see the newest content.  Currently, we raid on Wednesday night at 7:30pm server time (Eastern Timezone).


At the beginning of each tier we will establish an item level requirement to participate.  This item level is usually 15 item levels below the reward level of the raid.  Once Normal is on farm (or the majority of it is on farm), the restrictions will be relaxed for Normal.  At the point where no one really needs anything out of Normal, the guild will move onto Heroic and make Normal raids a special event on an alternate night.


Eternal Palace 

Normal Details

ilvl: 400

Date: Random

Contact: GT

Progress: 8/8

Heroic Details

ilvl: 415

Date: Wednesday

Contacts: Astrid/Gary

Progress: 6/8