Raid Information

Bolstering is a social guild but we love to raid!

We currently raid Wednesday and Monday nights from 7:30-10(ish)pm server.

We do our best to keep both the website calendar and in-game calendar up to date.  If you’re interested in attending Raid, please make sure you sign up on the in-game calendar.  Knowing how many people are interested / planning to attend a raid helps us plan accordingly.  Sign up and be on time – those are the best ways you can let your team know you’re committed.

For now, these are the requirements we have of anyone wanting to raid with Bolstering:

Discord is REQUIRED for all raids.

Recommended Add-Ons:

  • Deadly Boss Mods
  • Details
  • GTFO


Current Requirements:

365 Item Level (n); TBA (h)

32 Azerite Neck Levels

Positive and Fun Attitude


Battle for Azeroth Progress Report:

Battle of Dazar’Alar: 3/9n

Uldir: 8/8n 7/8h



Once Normal has been cleared we will begin the assault on Heroic.  If you’re interested in Heroic raiding, you should be regularly attending Wednesday night raids to give us a chance to get to know you.  We do not have a separate Progression Team as we have fun whether we win or lose, as a guild!  If folks are struggling with their classes or are not grasping encounter mechanics, please speak to a GM.  It is our pleasure to help you with whatever we are able!